About Us


Originally opened in 2001, DiSalvo Sports opened with the school of thought that good service with a smile will develop lasting relationships with both our customers and our supporters. We have made it a point to develop great relationships with our suppliers, which allow us to offer a wide range of product and technologies that will suit almost any taste and needs.


In Our Store

We are situated at 2 locations in Ottawa, open 7 days a week. Our wide selection consists of entry level equipment to service the beginner or casual players, to the highest end products available for the distinguishing player; and everything in between. We believe that everyone can find something that will suit their taste, size, budget and level. We carry over 300 lines of junior, women and adult shoes to give the most choice for every player. Every foot is different, every taste is unique, and everyone's comfort is paramount. With that in mind, our staff is there to help you into the best shoes, the best shin-guards, and the best clothing for YOU. They know their stuff, and they want to advise you into the best available selection.


Clubs, Schools and Associations

At the institutional level, we have strong programs to custom-tailor to any needs that may be required, which we believe is tantamount to having good service. With a fully staffed office and warehouse, and with customer support at both the store and office level, we believe that, whether you are part of a large or small Association, each one can be served well. Our philosophy is "Our job is to make the equipment manager's job easier". Feel free to contact us for any inquires.