Facility Details


Now that the COVID mandates have been lifted our facility is once again open

Facility bookings are $100 per hour and all participants must comply with any active Ottawa Public Health rules.   

  • Face coverings not required but recommended except when exercising
  • Require appointments for entry; one reservation for teams

Soccer skills clinics are running again. If you, or your group would like to train with with our coaches, please visit us at comeplaysoccer.com.  

Facility Details

Located on the second floor of our Disalvo Sports store is a 35'x75' soccer training facility.  Check out our skills development programs or book the pitch for your club and/or team use.

Full details available at comeplaysoccer.com



1. How big is the pitch?

The pitch is approximately 35’ by 75’.  It is ideal for training youth teams under 12 or for small group and individual training at the older ages.

2. Can I rent the field for my team to practice on?

Yes you can. While ideally suited for younger teams, even older players can work on ball mastery, shooting, or even play some 3v3 soccer. 

3. Can I rent the field for birthday parties?

You can rent the field to play on, but we do not have a “party room” for food and drinks. Since there is no food or drink allowed in the pitch area, you would have to do the food and cake portion of the party at another location. 

4. Can you customize a development program for an individual or small group?

Absolutely. Whether you want to improve shooting, ball mastery, speed of play, fitness or any other soccer related skill, our coaches would be happy to develop a custom program for you. Simply use the contact form on our comeplaysoccer.com website and a coach will get back to you shortly.

5. How much does it cost to rent the field?

Our current hourly rate is $99.99 plus HST.  Discounts are available for off-peak hours and for longer term bookings. Use the webform at comeplaysoccer.com to ask us for details.

6. How do I book?

Visit us at comeplaysoccer.com