P-400 Indoor Court Shoes

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The P-400 is a versatile indoor shoe manufactured in a seamless production process. The lightweight and durable material offers excellent comfort and ensures extremely low weight.


SAT-DAMPING (Shock-Absorbing-Technology)

SAT damping cushion is located at the heel of the midsole, attenuates shock during impact much better than a normal attenuation EVA midsole.



The Hi-Q Mesh is a lightweight, strong and breathable upper. It keeps the moisture away from the foot, offers ventilation and ensures a snug and personal fit.



A newly developed durable rubber compound DRC-X400 with excellent grip! The front-foot flex zones are anatomically optimized. Ideal for a number of indoor court sports. The design of the outsole promises superior durability and supports the typical movements such as twists and turns.



The midsole is made of a lightweight polyurethane foaming-Lite EVA with long-term cushioning and optimal shock absorption.



The Cross-Stabilizer made out of Polyplast ensures the optimal support of the midfoot. The graphite insert, which is located between the Lite EVA and the outsole, additionally stabilizes the midfoot.