Storelli Gladiator Elite 2 Goalkeeper Gloves

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High-performance glove with finger protection and superior grip for training and matches, the Elite offers the highest value at this price level. It features 3.5mm of German latex with a flat cut embossed palm for maximum flexibility and grip. 

Includes 4-finger spines (not removable) to reduce the risks of jammed fingers, coupled with a reinforced latex punch zone. Comes with a reusable breathable glove bag with a zip closure. 


Designed for competitive goalkeepers who want robust finger and thumb protection coupled with grippy, high-grade Super-Soft Storelli latex for both games and practices.

  • Flat palm cut with roll-thumb (extra latex wrapping around the thumbs for extra grip) for complete superior grip when handling the ball. Embossed palm for enhanced flexibility.
  • 3mm of impact foam to afford maximum palm protection + 3.5mm Super-Soft premium latex for tacky grip in games and practices. 3mm of latex punch zone back-hand for optimal control in the air.
  • Built-in finger spines, including thumb for enhanced finger protection.
  • Breathable glove bag included so you can carry them around and keep them fresh.